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Bio Olivenöl aus Colobraro

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My name is Giuseppe-Antonio Cuccaro, born in Colobraro, Basilicata, - Southern Italy. Colobraro with about 1200 inhabitants became a worldwide myth as the village whose name shall not be mentioned.

On one hand, one is haunted by misfortune if one does not treat the inhabitants with respect or comes to Colobraro with bad intentions.

On the other hand, a native Colobraresi can bring good luck and blessings.

But our true star is only known by the locals: the biologically pure olive oil, produced according to centuries of tradition.

The olives are hand-picked and traditionally cold pressed at the degree of maturity.

Acquire a little bit of luck now and become godfather of our olive trees for 1 year and secure for 69,- Euro equal to 3 x 0,5 liters of the olive oil, which has been produced so far only for the local farmers own use.

The taste and purity will convince you.

The olive tree sponsorship ends after one year, we hope that our oil will convince you that you will give yourself, your customers or your loved ones a lot of joy with a new sponsorship.

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A Short History of Colobraro, Italy